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L.I.S.A. with PLC

High Voltage DC Power Supply Panel                    A1X-KES20-A*S

20 kW,   480 Volts AC,   3 Phase In.   DC Out,   Nema 12                                      

Acc Fieldbus                                        Optional PLC

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L.I.S.A. with PLC


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AMK L.I.S.A. CoolFlow SmartPower Control Panel

Large Integrated Supply and Axes Control

20 kW High Voltage DC Power Supply in a Type-12 Enclosure with an integrated Air-Cooled Heat Sink.

External connection to AMK ihXT Smartdrives possible through the E1210 Hybrid Board 

High voltage DC and Ethercat connections are available

Integrated PLC option to allow complete control of your drive project

Allows you the felixibilty to run external iDT5 SmartMotors off of the High Voltage DC Bus, or the smaller ihXT SmartDrives off of the Hybrid Cable.

You can add as many motors as the 20 kW will supply, and control them with the PLC


KE compact power supply module

The KE compact power supply modules generate the DC link voltage for the connected inverters

The compact power supply units are connected to the mains supply and charge the DC bus capacitors.

The compact power supply provides the DC bus for supplying power in dynamic operation to the HCIB or a compact inverter


A-series PLC controllers

The A-series controllers combine high functionality, connectivity, and flexibility with extreme compactness. They are used for highly complex applications.

All controllers work with a real-time Linux system on which motion control and standard PLC functions are executed.

On the A6 controller, the Microsoft Windows Embedded Standard 7 operating systemcan be run in parallel, allowing Windows applications to be run

The controller communicates with the drives by EtherCAT and/or the ACC bus

AMK Hybrid Cable Interface Board

The HCIB Hybrid Cable Interface Board is the interface between the central control cabinet system and the decentralized drives.

The HCIB supplies the DC bus, the 24 VDC supply voltage, the STO signals, and the real-time Ethernet connection to a hybrid cable
The Hybrid cable connects to the ihX inverters and servo motors in series

Cables are available here! 


     UL508A Listed Control Panel  

Environment Rating

Nema Type-12
  Size 22" H x 15" W x 13" D
  Cooling Integrated Air-Cooled Heat Sink
Input ratings Input Voltage 480 Volt  3 Phase AC
  Frequency 47 - 63 Hz)
  Branch Circuit Protection 40 Amp UL489 MCCB Disconnect
  Full Load Amps 30 Amps
Output Ratings Output Power 20 kiloWatts
  Max Output Power 40 kiloWatts for 10 seconds
  Output Voltage 650 VDC
  Output Current 31 Amps @ 650 VDC

AMK KES 20 E944 SmartPower Power Supply

with SIne Feedback


Input Power Line Reactor integrated

    10 Amp 24 VDC Power Supply
    Emergency Stop Circuit with optional external connections 

 AMK Hybrid Cable E1210 Interface Board

  PLC  Option

A4S-MCE, 532 MHz ARM Processor
A6S-MCE, 1.6 GHz Dual-Core ATOM Processor

AMK KES 20 Specifications
Input ratings Input Voltage
(power supply)
3 x400 VAC -20 % --- 3 x480 VAC +10 %
  Frequency 47 - 63 Hz
  Input Current
(power supply)
30 Amps
  Input Voltage
(logic supply)
24 VDC ± 15%
  Input Power
(logic supply)
0.3125 Amps (7.5 Watts)
  Efficiency Approximately 99 %
  Power Factor Approximately 0.98
Output Ratings Output Power 20 kiloWatts
  Max Output Power 40 kiloWatts for 10 seconds
  Output Voltage  650 VDC
  Output Current 31 Amps @ 650 VDC
Control Specification Regenerative Feedback

Sine-shaped Line current
during feed-in and feedback

  Braking Transistor Integrated. External Resistor in panel
  Brake Threshold of DC Bus > 800 VDC
  Shutdown Threshold of DC Bus > 850 VDC, < 385 VDCs
  External Brake Resistor Minimum 20 Ohms
  Fieldbus Connection ACC Bus
  Interference Filter External
  Charging Circuit External
  Main Contactor External
  Cooling External Aluminum Heat Sink
  Maximum cold plate
or ambient temperature
40 C

  • VFD Option No Inverter
  • PLC Option PLC Included